This web page contains important information about the terms, performance, and management of Tata Communications’ wireless broadband Internet access services and is intended to help you to make informed choices about the purchase and use of these services.


Tata Communications provides broadband Internet access services via Wi-Fi hotspot services in select automobile products. These services provide Tata Communications customers with the ability to transmit and receive data from all or substantially all points on the Internet while using Tata Communications’ data networks and the wireless service connection between the automobile and the Tata Communications data networks. The information provided relates to your experience while using Tata Communications’ data networks and may not describe the terms, performance, or management you may experience while using extended coverage networks or roaming on non-Tata Communications affiliated networks. To be clear, Tata Communications does not control the wireless connection between the device containing the SIM card (automobile, phone, or other equipment) and the network of the service provider providing the wireless connection.


Commercial Terms

Tata Communications' terms and conditions, including guidelines on such topics as service plans, activation procedures, data usage and dispute resolution, and other terms and conditions, can be viewed here https://move.tatacommunications.com/Terms-and-Conditions/. If you purchased your Tata Communications service through a third party, please review the documentation from the third party as well, as that documentation may contain required information concerning pricing and other details.


Performance Characteristics

Coverage isn't available everywhere, and speeds and latency may vary considerably based on factors both within and beyond Tata Communications’ control such as network problems, software, signal strength, your wireless device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc. It is important that you consider the capabilities of your device, Tata Communications’ network coverage, and Tata Communications’ network technologies in determining whether Tata Communications’ data services are right for you. As a reseller, Tata Communications does not represent that we provide specific speeds in particular geographic locations and does not control these speeds or service availability.

In some cases, users on plans with data allocations may experience reduced speed for those applications for the remainder of the usage period after exceeding their allotments. In particular usage in excess of 20GB per calendar month, including the usage of all connected devices, shall result in the reduction of throughput speeds for the duration of the calendar month. Usage in excess of these limits may be reduced to no less than 256 kpbs throughput until your usage cycle resets. Where more than one application uses the connectivity, each of these applications may count toward your monthly data allocation. During partial months of service, your usage thresholds may be prorated. Because we resell the connectivity of other providers, we cannot assure you of the availability of particular speeds in a particular location, even when operating at a reduced speed due to exceeding your usage allotment.


Network Management

Tata Communications manages its network with the goal of delivering the best possible mobile broadband Internet access experience to our customers. We use reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards for protecting Tata Communications’ network and customers and for managing the delivery of mobile broadband services. To help reduce congestion, Tata Communications evaluates its overall network performance and enhances its network by adding capacity or making other network adjustments to help improve network performance. Among other actions, the fair usage limitations described above assist Tata Communications in managing network congestion for the benefit across the customer base.